About us

Personal background

  • Joachim Rhaden, born 1962
  • Degree in Economics and business (LMU, Munich)
  • IT industry, working for IBM for 7 years
  • Established IT consulting firm
  • Co-founder of an international internet-startup

Education and training in natural medicine

  • Internship at "Krankenhaus für Naturheilweisen" (Hospital for natural medicine), Munich
  • Licensed naturopath since 2003, 3 year college degree in naturopathy at 
    Josef-Angerer-Schule, Munich
  • Osteopath, 5 year program at Osteopathie Akademie München
    (Academy of Osteopathy Munich in partnership with British School of Osteopathy, London)
  • Applied Kinesiology training over several years (ICAK-D)
  • One year course in Injection therapy
  • Isotherapy training courses I-III
  • NPSO pain treatment training
  • Painless pressure point training (LNB)
  • Motion movement training (LNB)
  • Bioidentical hormon therapy (Biogena-Akademie, Markt-Apotheke Greiff)
  • Mesotherapy courses and training


  • Member of Bund Deutscher Heilpraktiker e.V.
  • Member of Verband der Osteopathen Deutschland e.V.
  • Member of Deutschen Gesellschaft für Mesotherapie e.V.