Curative application fields


Mesotherapy can alleviate and treat a number of diseases from diverse fields of medicine. Quite often it is used to treat diffcult cases that may not be improved using other methods.


Circulatory or wound healing disorders

Increased microcirculation in tissues may lead to improvements in the treatment of arterial and venous circulatory disorders and venous ulcers or decubitus ulcers. Wound healing or avoidance of cicatrization problems (e.g. keloid, striae) may be supported.


Rheumatic disorders, osteoarthritis of all kinds

Chronic joint or spine diseases (with/without contingent neuralgia) may respond well to mesotherapy. NSAIDs may be used with patients with a sensitive stomach without causing complications.


Sports injuries and overstress injuries

A main field for mesotherapy: Tendinitis (e.g. Tennis elbow, Achilles tendinitis) sprained ankles, bruises and strains are common among amateurs and professional athletes alike. Mesotherapy may help them get back in shape faster.

Stress, exhaustion, sleep disorders

As a treatment for psychosomatic disorders such as stress symptoms, nervousness, burnout, insomnia or depressive moods, mesotherapy may be employed to succesfully support psychotherapy or other pyschological treatments.

Interesting apporaches are seen in the field of psychoneuroimmunology.   


Headache and migraine

Likewise, good results using mesotherapy may be achievable with migraine, tension headache, upper cervical radicular syndrome facial neuralgia, vertigo and tinnitus.


Smoking cessation

Mesotherapy presents a coherent plan for smoking cessation. In this context, microinjections are applied to particular acupuncture points which may lead to cigarette aversion.


Aesthetic medicine

A big indicator group for mesotherapeutic treatments are phenomena which are not pathologic but are very burdensome for the concerned patients and thus require therapy. In many countries mesotherapy reached its widespread acceptance through the successful treatment of cellulite, hair loss (alopecia), weakness of the connective tissue and wrinkles. Without surgical interventions mesotherapy may improve appearance through intensifying blood and lymphatic circulations, as well as tissue purificaion and regeneration.



Mesotherapy might be helpful for dysmenorrhea, pelvipathia spastica, cystalgia , recurrent infections and female infertility.