Pain therapy



How does pain develop?

Pain can be a direct consequence of injuries (accidents, bruises, cuts, etc.). These are acute pains with a clear cause and effect.


But many times pain is the result of muscle spasms that protect our bodies from making movements that would cause great damage. However, this leads to more pain by depriving the underlying tissues from oxygen and nutrients. It just gets worse and worse and eventually becomes chronic pain.


How to treat pain syndromes

Acute pain - even if it's chronic - needs to be dealt with fast and effectively. In the second treatment phase the underlying pain mechanisms need to be identified and the treatment strategy needs to be worked out. This may take time and patience but is worth the effort in the long run. Especially, if patients are willing to excercise and stretch according to the treatment plan.


The following list is a selection of pain treatment options employed in our practice:


Typical chronic symptoms may be:

  • Migranes, Headaches,

  • Backpain, Sciatica

  • Neuralgia

  • Joint pains and Osteoarhtritis

  • Tissue pains caused by scars

  • Painful feet